Sunny Side Of The Street
(4 Harmonies Acapella)

Tommy Dorsey version. Arrangement by Iain Mackenzie. Performed and recorded by Carlota Rocchi.

Save Me From Myself (Cover)

Cover by Christina Aguilera, from the album 'Back to Basics'. Performed and recorded by Carlota Rocchi.

Next Time Around
(Original Demo)

One of my first originals. Demo recorded last year.
Band: Drums - Diana Bartmann // Bass - Daniela Hurtado // Rhythm Guitar - Isabel Torres // Lead Guitar - Isabel torres // BV 1 - Carlota Rocchi // BV 2 - Kamile Dambrauskaite // BV 3 - Carina Erlandsen // Lead Vocals - Carlota Rocchi

All I Want For Christmas

Cover version recorded in 2015.
Vocals - Carlota Rocchi
Guitar - Isabel Torres

Over the Moon (Live) @ BIMM London Sofa Sessions

This is my new original song called "Over the Moon" performed at the Sofa Sessions at BIMM London.


Carlota Rocchi accompanied by guitarist Isabel Torres